Looking for an instant loan that fits your life? No matter what you’re borrowing for, at Now Loans, we have a panel of carefully chosen lenders offering all types of loans to suit all circumstances, including bad credit Guarantor Loans.


There are lots of reasons why we may need access to loans at certain periods in our life. From helping us spread the cost of travelling, carrying out home improvements to buying a new car to get us to and from work each day. Whilst applying for a loan of any type shouldn’t be taken lightly, unsecured borrowing also helps us achieve the things we want without having to save for months and years in advance.


Apply for a Guarantor Loan from as little as £1,000 up to £25,000 today and we’ll search our panel of lenders instantly to find loan terms that suit your unique needs at the best possible APR.

With a quick and easy application, same day approval and fast loan pay-out to your nominated bank account, you can have your loan funds available to spend, exactly when you need it.


Bad credit Guarantor Loans for any purpose

We have bad credit guarantor loans available for any purpose. Some of the most popular reasons for borrowing include


  • Making home improvements
  • Purchasing a new car
  • Booking a dream holiday or making other travel plans
  • White good emergencies
  • A home or personal emergency
  • Business investment
  • To meet an urgent bill repayment
  • Weddings and other celebrations


Bad credit Guarantor Loan calculator


If you’re unsure how much you want to borrow and how much you can afford to repay, enter your loan purpose, your desired loan amount and how long you’d like to repay the loan into our easy to use loan calculator. With these three pieces of information, we can quickly calculate your monthly repayment schedule, based on our representative APR.


Once you have a figure you’re happy with, you’re ready to proceed with the next steps your loan application and be connected with our panel of potential lenders.


What is a bad credit Guarantor Loan?


Bad credit Guarantor Loans are a way to access the borrowing you need, even if you have missed payments or defaults on your credit report. You may find that poor credit excludes you from borrowing from mainstream lenders, like your bank or other high street lenders. Guarantor Loans can help you overcome this issue, by having a trustworthy friend or family member with a good credit standing co-sign your loan application. A repayment guarantee from someone with a good credit standing means a borrower with an impaired credit rating can access loans with more favourable rates than applying on their own.


In the event that the main applicant can’t repay the loan, the lender will call upon the co-signer on the account to make the repayments under the loan agreement.


Who can guarantee my bad credit loan?


To co-sign a bad credit loan, there are certain criteria that the loan guarantor must meet. These include the following:


  • Be in good credit standing, with missed payments or defaults within the last year
  • Be a UK resident, with an income from employment, self-employment, penion or benefits
  • Be financially independent of the main borrower
  • Not live at the same address as the main borrower
  • Be aged between 21 and 75 years of age.
  • Have a UK Current Account and Debit Card.


If your guarantor meets this criteria, you can begin your loan application online now. Our lenders are waiting to review your application and funds are available if you and your guarantor meet their lending criteria.


A panel of approved lenders


Our panel of pre-approved lenders are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and dedicated to treating customers fairly. Each lender carries out strict income and affordability checks to ensure the loan is in your best interest.

Once approved, funds can be paid to your account same day.


How much am able to borrow?


Our bad credit Guarantor Loans are available for all purposes from small home improvements projects like decorating a room to larger scale building works like an extension or kitchen refit.  Choose to borrow from £1,000 to £25,000, select a repayment term and apply now.


How to improve your credit rating?


Being approved for a bad credit guarantor loan is a first step towards rebuilding your own personal credit score. Making regular repayments to your account on time each month, whilst also repaying any other credit obligations in line with those credit terms should show some improvements within 6-12 months. Additionally, you can check your credit report at Experian, Equifax or CreditScore and also make sure you’re registered on the electoral roll.