If you want to know how to get a business loan, or get a loan online for any other purpose, read on. Now Loans will show you how to get a loan fast, easily, and with minimum stress and fuss.


Do you need a loan for a car, or for home repairs, or to consolidate existing debts? Maybe you are a budding entrepreneur and want to know how to get a business loan? No problem. Whatever the reason for your loan application, our customers recognise Now Loans as the best place to get a loan online.


Get a loan today whatever your need

We know that your need for a loan, whatever it might be, is different from the next person. Our happy customers come to us in order to fulfil immediate needs for a range of reasons. Each one is different.


Now Loans for home improvements

Are you looking to buy a home that needs renovation? An alternative to increasing the value of your mortgage application is to separately get a loan online. It is based on your ability to pay, fast application process and a quick response. In no time at all, you’ll know whether you’re eligible for a UK home improvement loan.

  • Damp coursing
  • Roof replacement or repair
  • Repairing foundations or correcting subsidence
  • Property extensions
  • Annexes and conservatories
  • Building a garage

Whatever you need, get a loan today from Now Loans to repair and improve your existing home.


Now Loans for entrepreneurs

Starting a small business is always an exciting time. While some people can “bootstrap” (starting a business by selling personal possessions and making do until they have enough of a cash flow), there is no requirement to do it this way. Now Loans have successfully helped many entrepreneurs and small businesses get started with their idea and helped established businesses expand their equipment and technology.

  • Starting a business, paying for premises, plant machinery
  • Expanding a business, upgrading to new equipment, repairing existing equipment
  • Training investment
  • Marketing investment
  • Investing in new premises
  • Taking on new employees and their investment

Businesses all over the country are looking to get a loan online to invest in their expanding companies


Now Loans for your car

It’s happened to all of us – it’s time for the MOT and service. We know there’s something wrong with it, but never expected that the problems went quite so deep. Maybe it failed its emission test and needs a new engine or a rebuild. Maybe the head gasket has gone and needs extensive work – money you don’t have. No problem because Now Loans is the best place to get a loan for:

  • Substantial repairs to make your vehicle roadworthy again
  • Investment in a vehicle specifically for your small business
  • Investment in a new personal vehicle when rejected for finance

New car or improvements, sometimes this is expensive. One of our instant, cheap car loans can help get you back on the road.


Now Loans for debt consolidation

How can I get a loan to pay off my existing debts? It may seem like trading one debt for another, but loans for debt consolidation are a viable option as the interest rates are usually than on existing debt. It has been a difficult time financially for many people. That’s why customers need to get a loan fast to pay off existing debts:

  • High interest credit cards and store cards
  • Payday loans that have spiralled out of control
  • Finance agreements
  • Other loans of a higher interest

Debt consolidation is a viable reason to get a loan today, many people are already doing it.


The difference between the different types of loan

If you’re wondering how to get a business loan, or how to get a loan fast for another reason, you’re probably confused about the different types available. Before applying for any of our loan products, read through this quick guide. It will explain everything you need to know about how to get the right loan from the best place to get a loan.

  • Guarantor loan: This is an unsecured loan where the applicant introduces a third party who would become liable for the debt if the applicant is unable to honour it. The third party is subject to the same credit checking as the applicant. Guarantor loans are ideal for people with a bad credit score, no credit history, or unstable incomes such as the self-employed
  • No guarantor loans: We offer loans that do not require a guarantor. You could be eligible for a no guarantor loan even if you have a poor credit history or no past credit history. Now Loans will consider your application with a good chance of acceptance. This is because we don’t consider credit history as much as we value present ability to pay.
  • Personal Loan: This most closely resembles the type of loan you might traditionally have applied for at a bank. You take out a certain sum of money and pay it back over time (2, 3 or even 4 years) until the balance plus interest is cleared. A personal loan can be for any of the purposes listed above and others we did not mention. You can get a loan online for almost any reason, so long as you have a good credit rating, are able to make the repayments based on your present income, or have a willing guarantor.

Now Loans are committed to helping customers find and apply for the right type of loan for their individual needs. We aim to help you find long-term solutions to financial difficulties and help you get back on track with your cashflow, easing your long-term financial worries. That’s why we have a panel of specialist lenders to look at your situation and make a decision based on your individual needs.

With Now Loans, you may borrow anything between £1,000 and £25,000 subject to careful checks. We offer flexibility of repayment terms to work for you and help you achieve your financial goals including 10-year loans and early repayment – something your bank will usually not permit.