03 Mar 2020, Author:

If you’re looking to raise funds quickly then there are lots of ways that you can do it. Thanks to technology like smart phones and the internet you can reach a lot of people with a campaign to raise funds – and the results can be seriously impressive. No matter what your cause, if you’re keen to generate some cash to support it then you can do this within virtually any timeframe. These 7 ideas to raise money will help you to create resources for the cause that you want to help.


  1. Use an online donations platform


When it comes to how to raise funds for charity, one of the simplest options is via an online donations platform, such as JustGiving. The key to this is using the platform to create an engaging and interesting campaign that will capture people’s hearts and minds and make them want to give to help you raise money for charity. There are a number of different steps involved in this – start by setting the goal of how much you want to raise and then pick the right platform. Telling your story will be important i.e. letting people know what you’re raising the money for, and why. Once you’ve set up the campaign you’ll need to make sure that you have ways of sharing it e.g. via social media.


  1. Create donations jars


Raising money quickly can be difficult if you are using digital resources that require payments etc to be processed. Sometimes, one of the quickest options in terms of how to raise money for charity is to opt for donation jars or boxes that you can leave at strategic locations. Make sure that these are properly labelled and provide some information about your cause so that people who see them feel encouraged to hand over their spare change to support you.


  1. Use social media


All the biggest social media platforms are optimised for fundraising so if you are part of a well established online community this can be a great resource to tap into. Social media is also a very effective platform for fundraising because it’s fast and effective and provides lots of different options, from creating videos about your cause to involving other social media users and striking up conversations around the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing. Social media also gives you access to a vast number of people – Facebook alone has two billion monthly active users.


  1. Have a sale


If you want to raise funds for a cause and your goal is fairly modest then you might be able to do this from your own resources. There are no rules on how to raise money for your favourite charity – you can fundraise in any way that you want. So, if you have old furniture, clothes or household items that you can sell to raise money this might be a simple way to do it. If you want to achieve more on a larger scale then get other people involved too. Your sale could take place in person – for example, a car boot – or online via a site such as eBay.


  1. Start a crowdfunding campaign


Crowdfunding is often used to help support new businesses and also has a role to play in how to raise funds for charity. There are a number of well established platforms (such as Crowdfunder) that you can use to set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for charity. This type of campaign to raise funds is often very effective because it enables you to achieve a high profile via the crowdfunding platform and to collect small donations from a broad selection of people.


  1. Work with a charity text giving service


Text to give campaigns are very easy to set up and tend to be successful because   those who want to support your efforts to raise money for charity can do so just by picking up their smart phone. You’ll need to find a charity text giving service to support your campaign (e.g. Donr) and then build up profile for it using resources such as social media and word of mouth support.


  1. Hold a fundraising event


One of the most enjoyable ways to raise money for charity is often via an event. This could be something as simple as a race for charity or a bake sale. You could host a concert or performance or hold a series of talks with guest speakers on a topic that is central to the charity that you want to support. Thanks to the power of social media to publicise, an event can be put on quickly and at minimum expense (depending on the type of event you opt for). You can generate cash from ticket sales, as well as from anything that you sell on the day.


These are just some ideas to raise money for charity – from crowdfunding campaigns to an individual car boot sale, every little helps.