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Guarantor Loans - £50 to £10,000 unsecured

Tenants and Homeowners welcome

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They like to say "Yes" where banks and building societies say "No"!


We've teamed up with Solution Loans to bring you unsecured loans backed by a guarantor.

Get £50 to £500 for a few days. Or borrow up to £10,000 for 12 to 60 months.
Your credit history does not matter..

No Credit Check Loans from Solution Loans


  • You have a very bad credit rating or no credit history (making borrowing difficult)
  • You think you've been credit scored enough
  • You want to start improving your credit status by successfully repaying your loan (better rates in future)
  • You are a tenant with less then perfect credit (though we can help homeowners too).
Beat your credit problem! Go to Solution Loans   A guarantor is someone who promises to repay the loan if you fail to - typically someone like a parent, relation, or close friend - someone who knows you better than any credit score ever can! Because of this guarantee credit scoring becomes irrelevant.
  • Borrow £50 to £10,000 unsecured (For loans over £10,000 if you don't mind being credit scored click here).
  • No credit scoring - you provide a guarantor.
  • Loan periods:
    • £50 to £500 - few days to a few months (i.e. flexible)
    • £500 to £10,000 - 12 to 60 months.
  • Repay early with no redemption penalties.
  • You can be a tenant or homeowner.
  • Application is confidential - your employer is not contacted.
  • Fast decision! - you will be dealing direct with the lenders when you submit your enquiry.
  • Funds available within 24 hours

No Credit Check Loans - go to Solution Loans now 

New Guarantor Loans Website

Solution Loans have recently launched their new dedicated guarantor loans website that explains how guarantor loans work and anything else you might wish to know.

If you need more information you can also view the blog at guarantor loans - and use it to ask questions and post your comments.

  Solution Loans Guarantor Loans website
Common misspellings: Guarator Loans Guantor Loans Gaurentor Loans Garuntor Loans Garantuar Loans Gaurantor Loans Garantor Loans

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